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IS-Ebiz Requirements for Finals
November 26, 2008, 7:01 pm
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Lex Eugene Peregrino
BS – IS 10568913
Topic: Getting Real
Submitted to: David Quitoriano


Ouch November 1 :(
November 1, 2008, 4:34 pm
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Super Malas ang November 1 kow,,,and to evaluate all the
Horrible thing na nangyari sa kin eto na:

  • Na jejerbs ako habang nasa Gym ako…
  • Laht ng Gym sarado and buti nlng me last Gym na bukas,
  • Nabagsakan ako ng Plates sa Finger Bleeding ng TOdo oUch..
  • Natalisod ako and nasira ang Slippers ko.,

Sana namn Tommorow Morning Puro lucky na ang mangyari Sakin., ok Bye bye Sign Out na ko.. Tommorow Time pra sa Webdeveloping ang ISebiz na Subject ni Mr. David Q. NGoks….Kapgod..!Goodny. and Happy Halloween.

Reaction About Getting Real Chapter 16™
November 1, 2008, 6:55 am
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After reading the chapter 16 of getting real, first come into my mind is there is a few closing thoughts that we need to understand, and this is the last chapter of the getting real, and I learned a lot from this book you will get a lot of information that you can apply in your web application or in other project.

And in this chapter they entitled it conclusion and for me it is the true meaning of this is with the right idea that fits the product, passion that will make the software more beautiful and skill that will make the application more effective and efficient. For me these are the most important factor that you need to achieve to have a better application, and in short you need a heart to appreciate all these things.

In this chapter they talk also in balancing the right people and how to choose a better people that you will hire in your team. Because when building application all of you must have a determination and passion, and if you have this determination in return your team will become successful and eventually you will finish the application on time. And one thing that I’ve learned on this chapter is not only build right application but choosing the people in your group with all the passion and determination to do the application, this book serve as a own guide for me when building application in the future.

Lex Eugene Peregrino

BS – IS 10568913

Topic: Getting Real

Submitted to: David Quitoriano

Reaction About Getting Real Chapter 15™
November 1, 2008, 6:30 am
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The Chapter 15 of Getting real talks about the Tune up, issue a major update 30 day after launch, in tuning up the application it is checking or validating that all function in your application must work effectively and efficiently. According to the use of application this will work properly according to what the application is. In tune up this is the process where you check all the bug, errors; add new patches that will affect the application, if you have a company and you ignore to tune the application the effect of this is butterfly effect because it will make your customer not satisfied to your product and if the customer are not satisfy your income on the company will go down because of the poor outcome of the application. These customers will no longer use your application and they will shift to the other application because of the poor performance of application and they know that the application is not bug free or error.

After you launching the application the most important is to maintain the good flow of the application, make a better relationship with the customer and understand the customer feedback, and one way to preserve your customer in a sticky subject post and make a conversation in a blog site that will remember what your product can do, in this case the customer will always in the mind of the market.

Go with the flow of the technology meaning you will find and new changes whenever you want, you don’t need to wait a year before releasing new features, you can tweak and change as you go along. Be open to the fact that your original idea may not be your best one. In that case you are using the innovation strategy.

Lex Eugene Peregrino

BS – IS 10568913

Topic: Getting Real

Submitted to: David Quitoriano